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The Minnesota Jets mission is to create opportunities to offer cheerleading, cheerleading events, cheerleading teams, and awareness/advocacy for cheerleading throughout Central Minnesota. Based in Big Lake, MN with practices, camps, and events being hosted in Monticello and at Monticello Schools, Minnesota Jets hopes to promote a sense of community, and achievement, and promote positive self-esteem for all involved. These goals will be accomplished through opportunities for students age 18 and younger, by providing access to equipment, facilities, and training that exceed expectations, and fosters an atmosphere where integrity, inclusiveness, accountability, and respect are valued.

Cheerleading is about being a part of something greater than yourself. We see this with our Minnesota Jets cheerleaders, their families, and the legacy forming within what will be an incredible program. Uniforms and bows do not make the cheerleader; those are merely the branding of something far more amazing The Minnesota Jets as a nonprofit organization works to ensure that all youth have the opportunity to experience competition cheerleading, by working with families that may have financial barriers. Teams are developed within the organization based on the need of the athletic population and where their skill sets are at. If there is an athlete that is struggling to achieve certain skills, additional training opportunities are established to assist the advancement of that athlete. We believe philanthropy is a cornerstone to leadership development and the secret to establishing a unique culture within the program where every individual excels because they have a passion for their team and a desire to achieve that next level. Support the Minnesota Jets

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