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POPCORN FUNDRAISER! 4/9/24 through 4/13/24

Updated: Apr 12

Starting April 9th and going through April 13th, we are hosting a Double Good Popcorn fundraiser. For four days only, you can purchase tasty popcorn, all while supporting the Minnesota Jets! Our cheerleaders will receive 50% of your purchase!

CHEERLEADER STORES Facebook continues to flag some of the individual stores our families share. We hope to support our family's efforts, and allow them to raise money for their new season! Please find the cheerleader you want to support and click their link BELOW! KATIE LAVANDER / Madelynn



Don't see the cheerleader you would like to support? Contact them directly and ask them to launch their store and share their link with you!

About The Minnesota Jets

The Minnesota Jets mission is clear: to make cheerleading accessible to all, irrespective of economic barriers. We believe in fostering teamwork, building confidence, and creating lasting memories that extend beyond the mat.

At the heart of the Minnesota Jets lies a relentless commitment to empowering youth from all walks of life, ensuring every child has the chance to experience success. Rooted in our three foundational pillars of emotional, physical, and spiritual health, we've addressed critical issues such as suicide prevention, mental health advocacy, combatting eating disorders, fostering sobriety, alleviating homelessness, and empowering at-risk youth. Through the collaborative efforts of our dedicated staff and the resources provided by our esteemed partners, we've navigated the delicate terrain of youth struggles with unparalleled efficacy.

Through our programs, we've witnessed firsthand the transformative power of cheerleading in nurturing both mental and physical well-being among our participants. It's not just about routines or competitions; it's about instilling confidence, fostering resilience, and creating a sense of belonging. For many, the Minnesota Jets serve as a sanctuary—a place where they can freely express themselves and learn to overcome personal challenges.

Don't want to purchase any popcorn, but are interested in helping out?

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