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New Beginnings, New Adventures:

The anticipation is building, and we are delighted to announce that registrations for the 2024-2025 Minnesota Jets Cheerleading Season are now open! Whether you've been a part of our incredible journey before or have been eagerly awaiting the chance to join, now is the perfect time to Fly High, With The Jets! 

Why Choose Minnesota Jets:

Expert Coaching: Our experienced coaching team brings over 40 years of combined cheer experience, ensuring the best guidance for each cheerleader's journey.

Inclusive Community: Join a community that values teamwork, friendship, and positive growth. It's more than cheerleading; it's a family.

Skill Development: From mastering the fundamentals to advanced techniques, our comprehensive program caters to all skill levels.

Life-Long Memories: Create memories that extend beyond the mat—friendships, competitions, and the joy of being part of something extraordinary.

How to Register:

Ready to elevate your cheerleading experience? Visit our website at to secure your spot for the upcoming season. Whether you're a returning cheerleader or joining us for the first time, we can't wait to have you with us. We have Open Gyms running now through the following season (double check the schedule as sometimes things do change,

Classes will start in May and run through August. More information can be found on the Registration Form!  

Spread the Word:

Feel free to share this exciting news with friends and family who might be interested in being a part of why the Jets Fly High! We look forward to welcoming both familiar faces and new friends to the Minnesota Jets family. Let's make this season one to remember!



Once You're Registered!

Once you have registered, make sure you join our 2024-2025 Season Band Channel!


Currently, we have open gyms running on Fridays throughout the year. Open Gyms are smaller classes, sometimes only 1-2 in attendance (perfect for 1:1 coaching), and provide a great opportunity for cheerleaders to work on individual skills and have more individualized focus from the coaching staff. 

Fridays @ Great River Soccer Club, Monticello, MN - 600pm-800pm A lot of students utilize the Open Gyms in their off-season to work on individual and small-group skills. There will be occasional Saturday Classes/Clinics as well(for things like Youth Clinics and Parades etc.)


*This information will be updated closer to the season start, based on the teams. 


April through May:


600pm-800pm - Open Gym*open to students of all ages*

May 2nd through July 18th: 

Tuesdays & Thursdays

600pm-900pm - Classes open to all 8yo-18yo students


600pm-800pm - Open Gym*open to students of all ages*

Practice Schedules will be determined following Team Placement when it is determined what teams will be available this season. Practices are NOT typically held on Wednesdays, and we TRY to not schedule things for Sundays out of respect for our families. 

*note* Volunteer events are an opportunity to reduce season costs

and raise money for the upcoming season!


  • 5/17 - New Cheerleader Info Meeting 600pm-715pm

  • 5/17 - Returning Cheerleader Info Meeting 730pm-800pm

  • 5/18 - Youth Clinic 900am-1130am (for parade)

  • 5/18 - Camp 1200pm-600pm

  • 5/23-5/27 - WILD WEST DAYS (volunteering)

  • 5/25 - Wild West Days Parade!



  • 6/8 - Youth Clinic 900am-1130am (for parade)

  • 6/8 - Stunting Clinic (time TBD)

  • 6/15 - Buffalo Days Parade!

  • 6/26-6/30 - Spud Fest (volunteering)

  • 6/29 - Spud Fest Parade!




  • 7/3-7/7 - NO CHEER (break)

  • 7/13-7/14 - CAMP ZERO!(time TBD)

(Camp Zero is REQUIRED for 10yo-18yo Comp Team Consideration)

  • 7/14 - Riverfest Parade

(for cheerleaders not attending camp zero, and their parents/siblings)

  • 7/18-7/21 - SHERBURNE COUNTY FAIR (volunteering)

  • 7/23 - TEAM PLACEMENT CELEBRATION DAY! (8yo-18yo) 

teams for our 8yo-18yo teams begin practices following 7/23




  • 8/10 - Camp 1000am-400pm


(10yo and younger)

  • 8/16-8/18 - Choreography - Traveling Teams (time TBD)

  • Choreography - nontraveling teams - TBD




  • Choreography - nontraveling teams - TBD 


If you are interested in partnering with the Minnesota Jets,

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