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Join us at the Minnesota Jets Youth Cheer Clinic on June 8th or June 15th, as your 4-10 year old student gears up for an exciting summer! Our camp is designed to provide young cheerleaders with the opportunity to learn cheers, chants, and performance-safe stunts that they can showcase at the upcoming Spud Fest Parade on June 29th.


At our Youth Clinic, your child will receive instruction from experienced coaches and current cheerleaders who will help them develop their skills, build confidence, and nurture their talent. Not only will they have the chance to experience cheerleading, but they will also make new friends and feel a part of the Minnesota Jets cheerleading community.


$35 for 1 day

$55 for both!
(includes a shirt for the parade and a bow)



The camp schedule is as follows:
830am-900am –          Check In
900am-915am –          Introduction/Ice Breaker
915am-930am –          Cheer Game
930am-1000am –        Learning Cheers
1000am-1015am –      Cheer Game
1015am-1030am –      Learn To March!
1030am-1100am –      Reviewing Cheers and Stunting
1100am-1130am –      Color Your Bow!
1130am-1200pm –      Final Review and Stunting
1200pm –                    Snack and Check Out


To secure your child's spot, register online now at


By joining us, your child will have the chance to learn from the fastest-growing cheerleading organization in Central Minnesota, while having a blast and creating unforgettable memories.


Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to kickstart your child's summer with cheerleading fun and skill development. We look forward to welcoming your child to the Minnesota Jets Youth Cheer Clinic!


***We understand that financial difficulties can be a hindrance for some families, which is why we offer the option to reduce the registration fee to just $5. If you require a hardship scholarship, please email before completing registration.***



Great River Soccer Club 
101 Chelsea Road
Monticello, MN 55362
*by the fire station*


Youth Cheer Clinic

  • Cheerleading, as with any sport, has some risk involved. Even though Coaches do all they can to minimize these risks, injuries can happen. These injuries can range from bumps, bruises, and overstretched muscles to severe injuries. I hereby authorize the cheerleading coach(es), medical staff, and/or any person of appropriate training and/or authority to make medical decisions with regard to the treatment of injury and/or illness.
    I agree to hold harmless any and all organizations, coaches, and/or entities/schools/facilities during any and all participation, practices, events, and/or performances that my daughter/son will participate in. I understand that pictures/videos of my cheerleader individually and/or with their team will be taken for use in training materials, promotional materials, social media posts, and/or any other public use. I understand that I have the right to refuse to have any pictures/videos of my child used for promotional/media purposes by making a request in writing.

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