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This Really Can’t Be Any Easier! Time is running out to buy Pizza Kits and In-Store Meal Deals to support our fundraiser! Every week, we are getting closer to our goal but we really need everyone to work together and participate. Make sure you’ve sent your unique link to anyone who will support you and our fundraiser. Think of anyone you know who likes pizza…HINT HINT, that’s everyone! 

More information about the Minnesota Jets:


The Minnesota Jets is a dynamic and inclusive youth cheerleading organization based in Central Minnesota. Founded in July 2022, the Jets are committed to empowering young individuals to reach their fullest potential through the sport of cheerleading. With a strong focus on promoting core values such as Spirit, Accountability, Work Ethic, Safety, and Integrity (SAWSI), the Minnesota Jets provide a safe and positive environment for all cheerleaders to find success and achieve greatness.


As a nonprofit organization, the Minnesota Jets actively engages in community outreach, emphasizing the importance of philanthropy and giving back. They strive to be more than just a cheerleading program, becoming a tight-knit family that supports and inspires one another. Through their dedication, passion, and commitment to excellence, the Minnesota Jets are making a significant impact on the lives of youth and their communities, shaping confident, respectful, and skilled leaders both on and off the mat.


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