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AGES 10yo-18yo 
*if an 8yo-9yo cheerleader would like to join, please email Coach Derek. There may be an option available, depending on the number of chaperones in attendance. 

We are also inviting other cheerleading teams to join us! If you are interested in joining us, feel free to put in an order! 

Cost is $58 and includes the following:
>Park Pass
>1 Meal
>Unlimited Beverages 
**There are no scholarships available for this event**

Transportation will be provided by Coaches and Parents
*no cheerleaders can drive themselves without a waiver signed* 

**Parents - if you are interested in helping with Transportation OR being a Chaperone, please email Coach Derek at 

Appropriate Cheerleading Shirt/Top 
Appropriate Bottoms 
Appropriate Foot Ware 
***if you have questions about what is appropriate, please email Coach Derek***
>>If you want to go to the water park, please bring an appropriate, family-friendly swimsuit that is properly fitted. 

Leaving for the park: 930am
Leaving for home (1st group): 6pm
Leaving for home (2nd group): 9pm



Families (Parents, Guardians, Siblings, Cousins etc.) that would like to attend are welcome to take advantage of the pricing, though please keep in mind that this is supposed to be a team bonding event for the Cheerleaders, not a Family day. Cheerleaders will be expected to stay with their groups and with the program. 
**Significant others and Friends of Cheerleaders are not invited unless they are a part of Minnesota Jets Cheerleading**


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