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At Minnesota Jets, we're more than a cheerleading organization we're a community dedicated to empowering youth through the exhilarating world of cheer. Our core values of Spirit, Accountability, Work Ethic, Safety, and Integrity (SAWSI) guide us as we provide young individuals with an inclusive and positive environment to thrive.


Our Mission: Elevating Dreams, Creating Champions

Our mission is clear: to make cheerleading accessible to all, regardless of economic barriers. We believe in fostering teamwork, building confidence, and creating lasting memories that extend beyond the mat. Join us as we elevate dreams and mold champions through the transformative power of cheer.


Support Our Cause:

Donate for NationalsThis season, the Minnesota Jets Thunderbolts and Stealth Teams have earned their spots at prestigious national competitions, and we're reaching out to our communities for support.


Thunderbolts at WOW Factor Sports Cheer & Dance Championship (February 2024)

Our Thunderbolts are gearing up for the WOW Factor Sports Cheer & Dance Championship in February 2024. This event is not just a competition; it's an opportunity for our athletes to showcase their skills and dedication. The total cost for this journey is $7,000, equating to almost $500 per cheerleader. Your contribution ensures that each Thunderbolt can shine on this grand stage.

Stealth at The Quest at Walt Disney World Resort (March 2024)
The Stealth Team has secured a place at The Quest Recreational Championship at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at the Walt Disney World Resort® in Florida. This prestigious event brings together the nation's top Rec teams. The total cost for this unparalleled opportunity is $27,500, translating to almost $1,900 per cheerleader. Your support makes it possible for the Stealth Team to represent the Minnesota Jets on this incredible stage.

Be a Champion: How You Can Help
Donate Today: Your financial contribution directly impacts the lives of these young athletes. Help us ensure that no aspiring cheerleader misses the chance to compete at Nationals due to financial constraints.
Sponsorship Fundraiser: Explore sponsorship opportunities for businesses or individuals. Your support will be prominently featured on the shirts worn at these life-changing events, and during other events.


Spread the Word: Share our mission with your network. Your voice can make a difference by increasing awareness and garnering more support for the Minnesota Jets.

Together, We Can Help The #JetsFlyHigh Join us in making a positive impact on the lives of our youth. Your support not only fuels their dreams but also contributes to the growth and success of the Minnesota Jets. Together, let's soar to Nationals and create a legacy of champions.



Please Email:
*Minnesota Jets is a nonprofit organization (501c3). A W9 or 501c3 verification can be provided upon request*



    #1 $25
    Written Statement - Small Font

    #2 $50
    Written Statement - Medium Font

    #3 $75
    Written Statement - Large Font

    #4 $100 
    Written Statement - Extra Large Font

    #5 $200
    Up to a 3" Logo (full color/b&w depending on printing capabilities)

    THUNDERBOLTS - 1 Shirt Available

    STEALTH - 3 Shirts Available

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